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Sustainable Growth

Sustainable development and a strong economy go hand in hand.  Sarasota County is a great place to work, live, and play and we attract thousands of new residents each year. But we have reached a tipping point. Infrastructure must exist or be created to adequately support new development. Sound judgement surrounding the long term growth of our community is key to sustaining our quality of life and economic viability in the years to come.

Affordable Available Housing

As Sarasota has grown, the cost of living has risen to the point of being un-affordable for those who contribute the most to our county's economic prosperity - our wage earners. Our aging population now struggles to find affordable housing as well.  For a community to remain economically viable, it's citizens must have access to affordable housing. What is available to our citizens to spend within our community after the cost of living is the life-blood of our economy.  They cannot sustain us if we cannot sustain them.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

As a small farmer, Ruta Maria understands land use and cares deeply about the environment. She will protect the natural resources that make Sarasota so special. Her environmental platform focuses on clean land, air and water, conservation, and the development of clean energy alternatives.